EQUESTRIAN Travel New Zealand – powered by HOT Events

You don’t need to be competing to access our official packages, we can book for all your friends, family and supporters as well.

Equestrian Travel New Zealand, delivered by HOT Events, is your official travel service for Equestrian NZ.  HOT Events is a part of the House of Travel Group and a division of House of Travel Christchurch City ‚ awarded New Zealand's leading House of Travel agency.

Congratulations on making the team!

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Why we travel with the team

“Travelling with HOT Events allows athletes to focus on their competition, minimizing the stresses that can sometimes accompany travelling. The team hotel help strengthen the team kiwi feel, making group trainings and excursions fun and a breeze!”

Advantages in travelling with the team

  • Get to travel with the group with special negotiated airfares

  • Travel in a team environment

  • Extra luggage allowances on airlines for gear (most airlines)

  • Great value, all inclusive packages

  • Extras inclusions such as team dinners / transport

  • On site travel assistance (some Events)

  • Takes the hassle out of travelling with all your gear